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~From Stevie~

One night I woke up...and just could not stop feeling anxious, so I turned on TikTok just to scroll through, then I saw that Arlynne was live. I try to watch her lives as much as I can because they're ALWAYS interesting! 

As soon as I joined she IMMEDIATELY started giving details about a significant other that REALLY rang true for me and had me thinking that it could be my fiance. I told her that, and she said she wanted to try a connection. The whole experience was so unbelievable.  It was like the more she talked to me, the more I felt myself truly believing it was my fiance talking to her and feeling our connection!

Arlynne gave so many details she could NEVER have known, including details on my fiance's issues when he was alive, AND details about my daughter! We'd never even spoken before this live stream so there's NO WAY she could have known I had kids, let alone the daughter she talked about. She told me that even though my fiance wasn't my daughter's biological father, he loved her like his own, and they were very close. How could she have known that??? 

I never fully believed in spiritual mediums, but there was no way for Arlynne to know even half of what she said to me, so I KNOW in my gut that she's the REAL DEAL. She helped give closure to me, my daughter, and my lost loved one, and we're more grateful than we could ever say.

Thank you!

The reading you did for my daughter about our friend made us feel very good. We were happy about the answers you gave us. The highest point for us was how accurate you were with details you couldn't have known about her personality and her condition. With the information you gave us, we were able to get our friend to be more open with us about things and give peace-of-mind to her and everyone around her.  She's even allowed us to start helping her! Keep doing you, you're awesome. Thanks!

~Rosemary and B.~

I reached out to Arlynne because I thought I felt something around me, but I couldn't tell who or if it was really real. She took her time with our session and we were able to connect to my guides and family members she told me were with me and protecting me and guiding me everyday. She gave me such good details on how my family members acted and how they looked. She even was able to tell me some of the things one of them used to say all the time. The more we talked, I felt like my family was all around me and I can still feel them every day!  I am so grateful for Arlynne and the time she took to really help me feel better about things and answer my questions. She also gave me really good guidance on a couple of issues I had questions about. I feel so glad I found her on TikTok and I'm going to keep watching her every day! She's so REAL!  Thank you Arlynne!

From Mrs. Jeanie:

...I was going to send this a few days back when this picture popped up in my memories. But felt a little hesitant…but I had JUST joined your live stream when you mentioned that you enjoyed getting verifications from the people you connect with and they don't follow up very often, so I decided I definitely needed to sent it!
(photo provided in email)

You gave me a reading but we were having a hard time pulling my loved one's energy away from their sadness and getting them to want to open up and connect, but then you asked me to give you a small phrase, only 2 to 3 words, that captured a happy time for my loved one and I said “couldn’t stop laughing”. You immediately described the home and living room we were in with an unusually colored carpet, and I couldn't really remember the carpet, but the rest was spot on. Well, I came across this photo in my 'memories' and the carpet is a decorative red area rug! Well here it is in the picture, the room, the carpet, the home... You were right on… Thank you!

I want to thank you so very much for the connection you made with my son.

I know more about what happened than people think I do. My son knows his family is fighting for him the best we can while the case is still open. His middle sibling has hired a PI but they've hit a wall because the police wouldn't help. His baby sister really has had a hard time because the two of them held the strongest bond. She tells me that it’s the lack of justice that keeps her so angry, so I know that any help you've offered us will help ease her struggle. I hope we can reconnect to my son in the future to learn more from him, because I trust you to do that.  Please ask him to be patient with his family because we are trying hard to get answers everyday. The confirmations, verifications, and reassurance that the answer has been in my face the whole time, combined with you helping my son communicate clearly to me about what I should be looking for and what I need to do, was priceless. No amount of repayment would ever equal the positive light you've given to me and my family. You really helped me believe in myself and my fight for justice for my son. I hope your gift offers help to others like you did for me... in ways that last a lifetime. I honor you. I'm so glad that somehow, in some way I was brought to you. I'll forever be grateful.


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