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Frequently Asked Questions

If you've been thinking about booking a service but you just aren't sure you're ready yet, take a look at these frequently asked questions for helpful insights into our most common inquiries.


What is Mediumship?

-Mediumship is the art of connecting with 'alternative energies' as a way to get guidance and answers when you're in a delicate place in life. Our souls are universally connected, and a Spiritual Medium is someone who has extensive practice communicating with our interconnected spiritual resources safely and reliably to get you the answers you need. Some Spiritual Mediums use divination tools like Tarot, Pendulum, Divining Rods, etc. to communicate while others can channel directly into spiritual energy and receive the message given. Regardless of the means and method, at Avalon we practice light work with the utmost care and caution, always keeping your best interests in mind.


I really want to book a reading, but I'm a little scared. What should I do?

-That's completely okay! So many of our clients have felt exactly how you do. Our light workers are trained to provide you with the comfort you need to help your session go smoothly and put you completely at ease. We are always available to talk also, so please contact us directly and we'll do whatever we can to help ease any concerns you might have. This process is a beautiful and often life-changing experience. We fully understand the impact our work can have and recognize that it takes a great deal of trust. That is why we are committed to giving our clients our absolute best  in every session!


What if I booked a session but I'm not happy with how it went?

-No worries there, friend. Our mission is so important to us that we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied with your session, you can contact us and we'll help resolve any issues you might have. Still unsure? Take a look at our Testimonials page for insights from actual clients on how their sessions went and we're certain you'll see our dedication to what we do. We live for it!


I accidentally missed my appointment! What do I do?

-Don't fret! We know life can be hectic and sometimes things just happen. We're more than happy to work with you to reschedule your appointment for our next available opening. We genuinely love what we do, and cherish every opportunity to do it, so we'll always do our best to work with you and for you to ensure your satisfaction.

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