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About Us!

   Hey there! Thanks for stopping by this page to learn more about who we are and what we do! At Avalon Spiritual Institute, our devotion to our craft and commitment to humankind keeps us constantly seeking further growth. We always strive to give clients our absolute best! Our mission revolves around sharing the benefits of regular spiritual practice and cognitive behavioral training with as many people as possible and showing them that living a truly happy and blessed life is much easier than it might seem! Please be advised: All of our consultants are encouraged to provide honest feedback based on the Spiritually Intuited Guidance they receive during your session. We might not be the best service for you if you are looking for anything other than complete honesty and candor. 

I'm Arlynne, the owner/sole proprietor of Avalon. I'm a retired Navy veteran, a mom to two incredible kiddos, a Spiritual Consultant/Life Coach, and a proverbial 'OLD soul,' and I have been through A LOOOOT in my life. Put simply, I am a legitimate TRAUMA SURVIVOR. My passion for spirituality started at a very young age, but many years of struggles and trauma pulled me away from my spiritual path. I was lost in darkness and surrounded by turmoil but fought with everything to find my way back to 'me' and my connection with the Universe. It certainly wasn't an easy battle, but now I live daily with a grateful heart and mind and appreciate every step it took to get here. So why am I telling you this? Because I want you to know that you CAN overcome the things you've struggled through, and working closely with Spiritual Energy could LITERALLY change your life!

 In case I forgot to mention this......I am a 'Sensitive' or 'Spiritual Medium,' and I can and do communicate with souls who have 'transitioned' forward from this life. So YES! I am a clairsentient (emotional/feeling), claircognizant (knowing), and clairvoyant (seeing) Spiritual Consultant and Certified Life Coach with over 20 years of experience. I am so fortunate and blessed to do this work, and I've seen the profound impact it can have in my and many others' lives. Outside of my business & spiritual discipline, I can't get enough time with my little ones. They're the only other thing in this world that I am equally passionate about, and they keep me closely connected with my inner child, so every moment with them is precious. 

Now that you know more about us, we're ready to meet you! Please take a look around and learn more about the many services we have to offer. We're here to answer ANY questions you might have, so reach out with our Contact Us form, and we'll get back to you immediately. Also, we love getting feedback, so reach out anytime!


~Love & Light~

Arlynne / Avalon Spiritual Institute

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